molly goldfarb

new york, ny


Molly Goldfarb (MAG) is an independent studio artist working primarily in acrylic and digital painting. Her pop-meets-punk aesthetic takes shape in a wide range of subject matter inspired by her life in the city and her frequent travels. Molly's work is tied together by a bold, bright color pallet and flattened style that brings the many visual inspirations she collects "on the road" into a singular plane and dialogue, creating a combinative, vibrant "world" in and of itself.

In 2014, Molly founded Create Dangerously LLC as a platform for her artistic and design-oriented endeavors. The company's mission is to expand public interaction with original art that is colorful in appearance and gesture, fostering collaborations across creative fields both within and beyond gallery walls. These collaborations have ranged from graphic design work to a curated reading night in Molly’s studio.

Warholian in sentiment and scale, Molly Goldfarb uses NYC’s artsy landscape as muse. Communicating her vision with bold color and line she zeroes in on the tradition of pop culture in the truest sense of the word... It is this sensitivity to details that makes her work a force to be reckoned with.
— Vellum Magazine